Chrome Users

These are the directions on how to print your card using the Chrome Browser


Watch The Video Or read The Directions Below

Google Chrome Browser And  Secure Browser Users

How To Print Your Card Video Below

You can Pause or Start video by clicking on it.




After you decide what card to print follow these directions

Right Click on the card. This Menu should open

Left Click On Open Image in new tab


Now you have this view. Left Click on the Tab with your card name on it.

Now you have this view

Right Click anywhere in the black area and you will get this Menu.

Left Click on Print

Now you have this view

Move the margin up to the center

It should look like this. The card should be just above the middle of page.

Now Left Click Print

Your card should print

Should look like this. Now you are ready to trim it down.




Click Here For Directions On How To Trim Your Card



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